Canal Narrowboat help

Canal Narrowboat the website designed to help all boaters, but mainly aimed at the Narrowboat communities. 

The site will show lots of information.This includes hints tips and technical information which may be useful to anyone on a narrowboat or thinking about buying one. We will also be reporting on what it is like to live on a live-aboard narrowboat for the very first time.


Canal Narrowboat the site that keeps growing with information, so come back and visit us again soon to see what’s new.

In the United Kingdom we many canals and rivers that are used by over 35,000 boats. They come in all  sizes, shapes, designs and colours. Not all these boats are used to live on as some are used as day boats,  however there is vibrant section of live-aboard boaters, holiday makers and traders, boats that make the canal and rivers so special.

When owning a boat, be it an occasional use, trade or live-aboard, you will need to know many things. It is impossible to know it all, so websites like this make obtaining that information when the question arises, easily available.


Our website includes a search facility, which will allow you to find that subject inside the website, getting you there quick and fast. 

You will also note that our website is fully Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Friendly, so you can access our site from anywhere with an internet connection, like 3G, 4G, DSL or ADSL.

You will also be able to pick up the site on WiFi hotspots which are becoming very common. 

Most of the information on the Canal Narrowboat website has been researched with the upmost care. However with everything these days we must advise that you do use this website as a reference, and to read everything carefully. We do have some site use terms and conditions so please read them. 

The narrowboat we will be talking about most will be naturally our boat Valiant No7. You will find that even though this boat is nearly new we will always be doing something with it, be it a repair, an addition or replacement.  

Are you looking for a boat or want to sell?

Try out this site for very reasonable DIY sales. 

Make sure you read our buying a boat section however to protect yourself.