Narrowboat extras

Well as last.. we now have the new furniture installed in the same design as the original, so everything now is looking great.
here are some pictures of the finished projects.

Drinks Cabinet | TV Cabinet Book/CD Shelves | Print Cabinet & Drawers

This upgrade has given us such a load more space that will allow us to put a few awkward thing away and also make the ship remain open and tidy.
We are not falling into the trap of taking loads stuff, we are in the process as i write this of getting rid of everything we do not use by selling stuff off at car boot sales and auctions.

The rear cover is now in place. It has really added more useable inside space for when are moored. It is not really useable on canals when cruising, how many are… due to the low bridges and structures in the waterways, however we have had it designed a bit like a tent, the poles all break down so we can store the whole thing in a special storage area in the engine bay. We got the cover from Marine Industrial Covers, see link in post below. They have done a brilliant job as our cruiser stern is not like other narrowboats.

The place where you normally get on is near the bulkhead that allows access to the boat, however we have two large seats with soft white covers and storage bins under. So the place you get on is after these seats and near the back near to the tiller. It is a really good layout as it give you the features of a semi trad but with more space to move.  Moving to the seats. There was a bit of an orginal design fault because when you sat on the side seats they rolled over the edge of the store lockers, making uncomfortable to sit properly. So we have had some special rollover bars made which allow a 3 inch extension outwards on both sides to cure this problem. They roll back so that the deck boards can be accessed easily.

If you look at the pictures to the left, you will the mode prior to being painted. Carlos from at CMW engineering.  This man really knows what he is doing. He also cut holes in our bowthruster tube and fitted a Craftsman electric bow thruster. He also fabricated a large battery frame and an isolator bracket. Carlos is very reasonable in his pricing for the quality that you get.

Our next door neighbors when we were at Castle Marina Nottingham has a prop shaft boss completely removed and a new one machine fabricated and installed by Carlos. You can see the boss on his website.

Now that these items are complete we can now clean up and start to load things on board ready for our adventure on the waterways of Great Britain.  

This will include a new studio washing machine, which i will be fitting and plumbing into the galley area, as this is where the original cupboard has been located and serviced ready with water electricity and waste.

I hope to give you an update on this in short while.