Narrowboat Washing Machine fitted

  1. The narrowboat washing machine has now been bought and fitted. Due to space restrictions, which is normal for a narrowboat, we elected for a Zanussi ZWC 1301. This is a studio washing machine lent its self nicely as narrowboat washing machine, with all the features of a larger washing machine. It also has an energy efficiency of A and has a 1300 spin speed. The size of 515 mm deep 670 mm High and 495 mm wide was ideal. This was mainly due to the width. 

We researched all the prices for a narrowboat washing machine and found that the most reasonable price was from  Currys. However they need to order themAt the moment they are providing FREE delivery so the price you pay is what you see. We paid £398.00 plus of course points on my Cooperative card. If you look at the reviews, it come highly recommended on most websites, with a lot of comments like ideal for a narrow boat.

I had a bit of a problem as I wanted to route the waste pipe via a cupboard under the sink to a dedicated skin fitting (boat side outlet), to drain the water out. The original skin fitting had a ribbed hose pipe moldings on it. There was plenty of thread showing when in position. So i removed the fitting and cut off the hose pipe molding, filed it smooth to ensure a good face fit and connected an adapter to 22 mm plastic pipe. I then also fitted an inline 22 mm sea cock (just a tap) should we go on waters like the Thames.  I was able to route the pipe work out of site so not cause problems with any items that would be stored in the cupboard.

The on board water pump was providing more than enough pressure so did not have to be updated. The boat had been plumbed in with a fresh water washing machine outlet so connection was easy. However, strangely no hole to route the waste hose. This was done with a hole cutter attached to an electric drill. 

The machine arrived and with help from my son in law took the machine on board and fitted it. After a test wash was completed with total success. 

The machine now lives hidden away in its own cupboard just below the gas hob, this keeps things really tidy and does not show the appliance. In addition the door folds right back and does not get in the way of the front loading door.