Living Aboard

Living aboard our narrowboat has always been our plan. However we needed to compress our belongings. This involved being really ruthless as to what we wanted to keep. So we set too in a car boot and on line selling spree. Our caravan and large car was sold, plus many other things like white goods.

We have now managed to sort out only those items that we needed. We moved onto the boat on the 27th November 2015, and have now got all our chattels in the correct place, and within easy reach for regularly used items. 

Getting thing ship shape is like a game of Tetris, getting things to fit together. We did not want a cluttered boat, and wanted to keep the feeling of being spacious. With our newly designed and fitted boat furniture we have been able to fit things on like a wireless printer, together with cutlery, and office items. 

We moved from Nottingham and we are now at Pillings Lock in Liecestershire. We needed to be near to our families for the winter period, together with really good facilities. This new marina fitted our temporary requirements, which was also cheaper than the previous one. Ok it’s not dirt cheap but reasonably priced at £260 per month.

We have to stay here until the 11th March 2016 as CRT (Canal River Trust), are replacing lock gates either side of us at Mountsorrel and Loughborough the other side. When this work is done we will be setting off on our travels.

We estimate March 27th, weather permitting, for our first trip which we think will be down to Newark on Trent to visit friend, who lives in the town. It will then be onto Manchester for a slow trip to the big city which has been revamped for boaters. We will be posting our trip updates as we go.

We are going to join the River Canal Rescue Scheme prior to setting off, which will give us some insurance against mechanical break downs. It’s a bit like the AA or RAC of the rivers, and has an excellent reputation. We hope we will not need them but one never knows what lies ahead. The website for them is here