Off to Crick

We are now traveling to the Crick Boat Show for the weekend of 27th, 28th and 29th of May. We have been to Coventry basin where we have visited the city Centre and the cathedral. We love this city even though it is now very modern. However the Coventry basin is like stepping back in time. There is also a wonderful statue of Mr James Brindley the architect to todays canals.

I have taken some pictures of this which will be on this page in a couple of days.

After this we have traveled to Braunston then on to Norton Junction in Northamptonshire.

We are at this time feeling sorry for folk held up by a stupid disaster that happened at Buckley Locks just below Norton Junction.

A boat with a long bow was in the lock and was going up in it, when it caught it’s nose in the gate void. The owner of the boat was allegedly down in the boat making a cup of tea while the boat was going up, and no one at the tiller. The nose then lifted the left lock gate from the pivot and also broke the top band causing the lock gate to fall. This has caused a stoppage at the lock. 

Under normal circumstances this would not have been so bad but for the fact there was a lot of traffic heading to the Crick boat show from below this lock.
There are some very angry people  who are held up due to this incident. I went down today to see the problem. CRT  site trying to fix the gate for the end of  Wednesday, to allow Crick craft through.

We were lucky as we came from the other way and were not effected by this. However to all those who are, my greatest sympathy. 

All this for a cup of tea…… I hope he is insured as it is going to cost a lot of money.

We hope you all make Crick

We are away

We are away, finally.. We set of on Wednesday 9th May 2016 from Pillings Lock with really fine weather. We are heading up to Trent Lock, onto the Trent and Mersey canal. We have gone through to Shardow and heading towards Burton on Trent.

All systems are working perfectly, as expected, with a small problem with fenders catching and pulling at locks. We have even lost two, which have been replaced, by the rope being cut as they were too long. The moral of this story is keep your fender above the metal fend off strip, as any concrete will just slice any rope one this strip like a knife. 

Weather has been brilliant until today Tuesday where the heavens have opened. We managed to start early so we have made good progress to Burton on Trent. 

Will keep you up to date with the next section, to where we are heading for Fazley on the Coventry Canal, to see a floating Market.