Tying up your Narrow Boat with Boatman’s hitch

When you stop your boat you will need to tie up your narrow boat so that it is secure and safe. You do not want to find that your boat has slipped its moorings and you are adrift. This can be very dangerous if you drift down a weir or what have you. It is very important when you moor on rivers that have fast moving water.

Another consideration is if you want to move your boat in an emergency, say a fire on a boat near to yours.

The best knot to use is the boatman’s or canalmans hitch knot. See the videos below for a full demo. Basically it is two turns then under the mooring line twist and over the dolly and a final turn, or crossturn if you wish. 

Here is a nice video by Willow Wren Training which is on YouTube that shows how to do it practically. (All copyright to Willow Wren)


This how you tie up on the T and Bollard. With the T you add an extra turn and twist.