The Summer Trip

We have been cruising all summer, so our summer trip has been a long enjoyable adventure. I am sorry i have not added my intended diary entries, but things were so good that i seemed not to have enough time. However here is the catch up story.

After going to Crick Boat show, we set off to go to Birmingham. We went via the Grand Union canal into the centre of Birmingham and were really surprised as to how the center has been turned round and now is a real pleasure for visitors by boat, car, bike or walking. Well done Birmingham City Council. However the out skirts of Birmingham still have a lot of rubbish in and nearby. However this is also on the streets too. However do not be put off as we had a lovely time. After seeming the City center we headed off to Dudley via the James Brindley OLD LINE. 

What an adventure the OLD LINE is. I goes under motorways over Thomas Telford NEW LINE and wanders off to Dudley where we were turn back in time at the Dudley Black Country Living Museum. Black Country Living Museum This a real living experience which has been created from buildings that have been moved from parts of the black country, to preserve them. There is also working shops like the cake shop and a big favorite the fish and chip shop. Yes you can moor at the museum or very nearby. The site is very large and still growing, so ensure you have a least a day at the museum to take everything in. It will not be boriung for kids either, there are street games workshops, fun fares and tram rides to see. For the adults there is a fully working Pub which is not to be missed, with real Ale being served. The bar room has a saw dust floor. Dudley Tunnel

Also here is the Dudley tunnel where we went for a trip into the old Lime Stone quarry canals. This is an excellent experience which should not be missed. I will not go on about this as you can see the website for more information.

We then set off again and went back to Birmingham via the NEW LINE. After staying a couple more nights we set off down the Birmingham and Worcester canal. This was a lovely trip, taking you out of Birmingham via leafy Edgebaston. However this canal takes you down the Tardybrigg flight of locks, this is the longest set of locks in the UK. After a day of locking it was a trip to the Queens head Pub for some much needed food.

After the Tardybrigg we decided to head towards the Droitwich canal. This is a recovered canal which goes right through the center of Droitwich. This is a lovey old town which is well worth a visit. The town grown up on producing salt, now finished, has many beautiful buildings and other features. There are also public moorings too. The Droitwich then continues onto the river Severn. 

We traveled down the River Seven to Worcester and moored on the river. When we arrived there was Dragon Boat racing which was really great to watch.
We of course visited Worcester and its beautiful cathedral. This really was a beautiful City.

The weather now was absolutely fantastic and a real pleasure to cruise, however we did get a couple of days when it rained. We then set off to go to Tewkesbury and onto the river Avon.

Tewkesbury is a lovely place. Full of history and still has a lot of wood framed houses and shops. We spent some time here finding out about the local history. If you are near here i do suggest a visit.

Setting off up the Avon after paying our £50 license dues at the entrance lock we headed for Stratford on Avon. 

The river Avon which is run by the Avon Navigation Trust from Tewkesbury is independent to the Canal and River Trust so ypu have to pay to enter the waters. However it is really worth it. The £50 is for seven days and is ample to navigate up the river to Stratford, where the CRT canal joins. The story continues..with my post on these waters.